Szanszkrit eszközök

About this website

This website was created with the intent of helping the study of Sanskrit grammar.

It aims to provide tools that display the inflection (i.e. declension and conjugation) tables of Sanskrit nouns and verbs, as well as a tool that analyzes inflected words. It also aims to provide a Sanskrit-English dictionary, based on the Monier Williams dictionary, where each noun or verb is linked to its correct declension or conjugation tables.

We are also working on the writing of an on-line text about Sanskrit grammar that aims to explain how nouns are declined (and, in the future, probably the conjugation of verbs too).

We intend to provide authoritative references (sources) to back up every information about grammar given in this website. For example, you will find that every declension table is linked to the page and paragraph in Müller's "A Sanskrit grammar for beginners" where the respective declension pattern is described. This is important because it allows the user to verify and validate the correctness of the information in question (therefore, the user doesn't have to trust our word for it).

Authors: Claudio Marcos Durand Segal and Paulo Marcos Durand Segal.

References used

All the information about noun declension and verb conjugation in this website is taken from the following sources, both from the library:

Both the Sanskrit-English dictionary and the database of Sanskrit words used by the declension and conjugation tools in this website are based on the digitalized version of the Monier Williams dictionary by IITS - Köln (which can be downloaded here). The scanned version of this dictionary can also be found in the library.